Potential theft issue

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Potential theft issue

Post by jeanmarc » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:14 am

I have been thinking of potential theft issue that could arise :

- Power-loss => Add an UPS for logger, LAN devices (switch) and keep the powering of detectors/sensors/sirens. The keypads should have built-in battery.
- Loss of WAN => You can add a GSM shield or use Automation to send SMS via your keypad
- Cut of wires (sirens, detectors,.. ) => That should be monitored by tampers, data should be push.
- Stealing of a keypad => They should be placed in a securised zone, if so you have a detection. After 'time to enter', usually 30sec the system goes in alarm. After ~6 min, hAlarm will auto-shut down due to connection lost of the keypad.
Also you can add a tamper contact behind the keypad.

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