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Enersolis 3300 protocol

Post by Luker » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:44 pm

Hi everyone.

I just heard about your project, and I saw the previous post about enersolis protocol support.

I reverse-engineered the protocol of an enersolis 3300.

I sniffed the data on the rs232 and replayed it until I understood what I needed.

The thing is:
I had a bigger setup to monitor, and I don't do websites.

My solution at the time was to write this program as a library and a deamon to interact with net-snmp.

So the project I did was a generic library for net-snmp that queries a daemon.

The daemon constantly pools and updates its data on the inverter, re-initializes it when too many errors are found and so on...

That's all I did. To actually display the data I used cacti, and I simply collected the data from the right SNMP MIB.

So, the project is here:

1- it is NOT maintained anymore. do not ask for modification, I won't do them.
2- it is in pure C. You should find it modular enough to understand what and when is sent/received and how to parse the data. It's also one of my first projects, so while it worked well for me, I can't give you guarantees on the quality of the code.
3- it is in GPL3 (or later). I know nothing about your licensing, however. If needed I might relicense it, since I don't use it anymore.


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