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What can 123Solar do for you ?

123Solar is a set of PHP/JS files that make a web logger to monitor your photovoltaic inverter(s). It just need a web server and PHP, no databases are even needed.

The philosophy is: To keep it simple, fast, with a low foot print to run on cheap and low powered devices.

Make your Solarlog

The guide explain how to turn a plug computer into a personal Web Solar logger.

Update 21/05/2021

Dear users,

123solar will turn 10 years old in few weeks. It's been a while and I've really enjoyed learning while having fun. That said, to tell the truth, i've no motivation to continue much development and improvement.

It's not that I abandoned the project but I rather left it to the community. The code is available on github.
I never wanted to put it on such platform to avoid bad forkings and to keep consistency. Meanwhile, I have to admit that I don't code much these days and the project has stalled. I think it's wise now to see further, I'm sure some devs will continue the work. The code is really simple, I just hope the code, the UI will respect the principle : Simple while powerfull.

As always, I will be available for any support or help. The 123solar website/forum will be closed in a year or so, as it costs me money and time to maintain. Let's see where it will go now, I'll give hands to you :)

On my side, I will have to learn how github works (push requests and so) to maintain it.

The first thing that needs working on is updating the releases through github. I keep a list of ideas i wanted to work on here https://github.com/jeanmarc77/123solar/wiki/Ideas

Last but not least words are to thank you, users, especially those who lend to kiva or make a small donation to me. It was really encouraging.
A warm thanks also to developpers (Curt, Roland and all the others I forgot to mention). Thanks also to Highcharts guys, that's a wonderful JS library.

So no worry, it's just another step and I'll keep on eye on what's happening.
See you all and enjoy life and the sun !
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Credit: Jean-Marc Louviaux

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