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FAQs :

Will 123Solar work with Windows ?
Not right now. The code will certainly need some minors tweaks to make it work. Contact me if you plan to run on this platform.
Still, the code will work on any unix-like. All you need is a communication application and a webserver with PHP.

Which inverters does 123Solar support ?
For Aurora Power One, 123Solar rely on the communication application from Curtronics.com.
For SMA, it rely on 485solar-get. For SMA over bluetooth, on SBF-spot.
But there is also support for Danfoss, Delta, Effekta/Enersolis, Fronius, Omnik, Piko, JFY inverters, Voltronics Infinisolar 10k, ....

Is it open-source ?
Yes, it is released under the GNU GPLv3 license (General Public License)

So, it's free ?
Yes but Highcharts, the javascript charting library bundled in this package is free for non-commercial use only.

Did i plan to use a database like MySQL or SQLlite ?
No. Database have pros and cons: They are useful when there's a need to search complex queries but we mainly need to read sequencials datas. dB are also great to deal high loads of requests but here, there is no need to modify nor to cache lots of datas: it is a personal logger.
123Solar put variables in shared memory as a cache. A dB will increase the RAM usage, 123solar can run smoothly on really low-powered devices. Over all, with a dB, the performance gain will not be significant or could even be worst.
Plus: Damaged database may affect the rest of the application. Plain flat files eases importation/exportation, since you can edit files with an editor. It's easier to develop (at least for me). And finally, it is lightweight.

Is a 5 minutes logging enough ?
A 5 min logging is more than enough to have relevant data.
Still, the pooling of gauges and live data updates as much as possible !

Can i run 123Solar once in a day to retrieve datas, start it later on or stop it earlier ?
No, it's a logger. It should run continously or at least before down and after the sunset to get precise production datas.
Also, a serious monitoring needs to run continuously.

Is it multilingual ?
Yes, it is

Is it support several inverters ?
Yes, there is systems with 9 inverters. Also, some use it with Power-one/SMA hybrid systems.

Does it support triphased ?
Yes and it can be extended to 4 arrays (MPPT)

Does it monitor an irradiation sensor ?
It can

Can 123Solar send alarms and warning messages?
Yes, it monitor inverter alarms and warnings as well as Grid Voltage, Riso and i Leak. 123Solar can send you an email and also use the Pushover service or Telegram to received instant notification on your mobile.

Why, the "top value" on the main daily graph is different than "Max. instantaneous power" and "Power peak" in the dashboard ?
It show precisely the average power value during a 5min period. It is not an instant power.

Why, the "Max. instantaneous power" value on the main page aren't the same than the "Power peak" in the dashboard ?
The "Max. instantaneous power" shown bellow the main gauge is catched by 123solar. It mean that it depend of the pooling time which can vary : according to the pooling frequency (have a slow serial communication connection), have several inverters to check... It isn't (nor will ever be) able to get real-time values.
The peak values shown in dashboard are, on the other hand, reported by the inverter (if available).

Can 123Solar live feed PVoutput.org?
Sure, check the 123Solar team

Can it feed PVoutput.org with consumption?
Yes, there is 'wrapper'. Check the meterN household example

Can i submit code or participate to the project ?
This is a small project. The code and the UI should respect the principle : Simple while powerfull.
That mean simple to admin and to use, light-weight, fast, clean UI, less is more, etc..
Right now, to keep the consistency it is handled by one person.
If you want to submit code, i will decide if it respect the project philosophy.
Bugs clean-up are obviously welcome.

Help :

How to setup a SMTP client ?
Look for "Installation and configuration of SMTP" on the guide.

How to update ?
Use the updater and follow the procedure. You may also :
Stop 123Solar, remove everything but keep a copy of "data" & "config" directories.
Extract the latest archive on your web server's folder. (tar -xzvf 123solar*.tar.gz)
Import your previous "data" & "config" directories. Then, go into the 123Solar administration.

How to start 123solar on boot ?
systemd or SysVinit run as process 1
Check if you use initd or systemd with this command : ps 1

For sysvinit, edit /etc/rc.local file and add the line: /usr/bin/curl http://localhost/123solar/scripts/boot123s.php
If you use systemd: Download '123solar.service' and put it in /etc/systemd/system then type : systemctl enable 123solar

I get many "Communication Error" in the event log
Please read the communication app manual. For aurora, try it alone and adjust the parameters (-Y, -R, -l, -P). Change then the communication options in the admin. interface.

I can't get SBFspot for SMA working
Copy SBFspot.cfg to config/SBFspot_0.cfg, where 0 is your inverter's number.

I still can't get it to work
Please go to http://your_server/123solar/admin/ help page, it usually respond to common problems.

I still can't get it to work or something still wrong
Please always update to the latest release before yelling. The bug/issue may have already been reported and corrected. Sorry but I don't have the time/ressource to maintain previous versions.
You could enable debug mode and restart 123solar, then check what the error log returns in the debugger. It usually contain many hints of what goes wrong.
And, please, always test your communication alone and make sure it is reliable before starting 123solar.

If you wish to ask a question, check on the forum.

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