New column electricity production in 123solar?

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New column electricity production in 123solar?

Post by salva » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:46 pm

Dear Jean Marc,
I noticed that in the latest versions of the 123solar date.csv file contains columns with different values than before.
As a python program I read the production value every 5 minutes, in watts, in date.csv file, then send it via USB to an Arduino that drives the actuators.
For me it is very important to understand what is the column that shows the value of the electricity production of photovoltaic panels in date.csv file
You can kindly tell me what is this column?

Thank you, Salvatore Mereu

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Re: New column electricity production in 123solar?

Post by jeanmarc » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:53 am

Hi Salvatore,

The format haven't changed since 1.6 from 2014.. :?

That's :

$IxV, $IxA, $IxP (string x voltage, amperage, power)
$GxV, $GxA, $GxP (grid phase x values)
$FRQ, $EFF (frequency and efficiency)
$INVT, $BOOT(inverter temperature, booster (dc/dc) temperature)
$SR (irradiation sensor value W/m²)
Then $KWHT is the total counter (a m kWh precision is needed)


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