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Strange pvoutput graph

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 4:58 pm
by jerrymex
Running 123Solar in edofede/123solar-metern docker, on a raspberry pi 3
cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"
NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 (buster)"

Wireless connection to the internet.
What I'm seeing on the pvoutput website seems strange,
26/09/20 10:40AM 1.896kWh 0.487kWh/kW 923W 3,252W 0.836kW/kW 41.6C 207.5V
26/09/20 10:35AM 1.625kWh 0.418kWh/kW 0W 0W 0.000kW/kW 0.0C 0.0V
26/09/20 10:30AM 1.625kWh 0.418kWh/kW 0W 0W 0.000kW/kW 41.7C 0.0V
26/09/20 10:25AM 1.625kWh 0.418kWh/kW 707W 1,956W 0.503kW/kW 40.8C 210.3V
26/09/20 10:20AM 1.462kWh 0.376kWh/kW 949W 0W 0.000kW/kW 41.2C 209.8V
26/09/20 10:15AM 1.462kWh 0.376kWh/kW 949W 1,140W 0.293kW/kW 40.7C 209.8V

The temperature follows that as well, temperature maybe 41.6 one moment, the next its zero
I don't recall this occurring running 123Solar on a native install.
Does anyone else run in Docker, and do you see this behaviour?
I am leaning towards a connection issue, as the local website show no errors.
Here's the link: ... 5&gs=0&m=1